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Ebola virus sickness is a extreme contamination that originated in Africa, in which a big outbreak came about in . In June , the outbreak changed into formally declared over.
The  outbreak of Ebola specifically affected three nations in west Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon. some times additionally befell in factors of principal Africa.
spherical 28,00 cases and greater than eleven,000 deaths were said with the aid of the arena health commercial enterprise organisation. This changed into the largest regarded outbreak of Ebola.
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Is Ebola still a threat?
symptoms of Ebola
What to do if you switch out to be unwell
How Ebola virus is spread
treatment for Ebola
preventing Ebola
Is Ebola despite the fact that a danger?

there may be nonetheless a small hazard occasional instances of Ebola can also occur in Africa due to the fact the virus is found in numerous countries there, but the hazard for humans journeying to Africa is minimal.
The foreign and Commonwealth place of business no longer advises towards all but crucial journey to previously affected areas.
folks who stay most at chance are folks who cope with infected humans or manage their blood or fluid, consisting of sanatorium personnel, laboratory humans and circle of rela

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